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Lady Berkleigh and her Man Tailored Pajamas

Pajama History This ad was found in the Lady's Home Journal, December 1950. Notice the focus on how these pajamas were tailored to a 'man's taste' by 'makers o men's shirts and pajamas'.  As I was studying a lovely pair of vintage pajamas and researching the brand prior to listing,...

The Art of the Hunt

Those of us that love vintage fashion know that the hunt can be exciting and maybe a little daunting at times. One trip to the Goodwill can land you a killer score or a disappointing flop, however the rush you get when scrounging through mounds of old clothes makes you...

My Love For the 1920's

Why not start out this week with a dedication (and explanation) for the lovely laces, silks, and colors of the roaring 20's! Why is it so special anyhow? Well, let me tell you! The 1920's truly was a pioneer era for women in general. Women received the right to vote...

Daggers & Dames

There was a time where dressing for the day was a form of art and ritual. Prior to putting on a day dress, it was an essential feat to first prepare your shape buy putting on your foundation wear. At the end of the day, you would slip into beautiful...

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