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Vintage 1930's Hand Sewn Peach Silk Pajamas, Rare NRA Label

Vintage 1930's Hand Sewn Peach Silk Pajamas, Rare NRA Label

They may appear to be 'just another pair of vintage pajamas' however once you look at the details, you realize just how much of a score they really are. 

These pajamas drape along the natural curves of the upper bodice and hip of the human figure due to the light weight of the peach colored silk fabric. Gorgeous French chantilly lace adorns the entire upper portion of the top with a very low cut both in the front and back. The palazzo pants give an exquisite sweep as you move about due to the 34" wide leg openings, hemmed completely in wide, scalloped lace. 

The details mentioned above are enough to make any Art Deco era fanatic's mouth water, but what's even more stellar about these pretties is the history behind them and the ever so intimate way they were created. These pajamas were completely constructed by hand. Of course, all garments are made by human hands, but these were made with the use of 2 hands, a needle, and some thread. Imagine sitting for hours upon hours folding and pinning, and then placing each and every stitch in a slow and tedious fashion. Every rolled seam, pleat, even button hole was done by hand. So impressive!

As if that is not enough to drop the jaw in amazement, even the embroidery was done by hand. We tend to see this a lot with very old textiles, primarily linens and monogrammed items, but the gorgeous floral designs on the center chest, the scalloped armholes, and edging along the lace was all placed loop by loop without the use of a machine.

Now lets get to that 'history' part I mentioned before. This pajama set can be dated without a doubt to the 1930's, more specifically, sometime between 1933 and 1935. It was during the Great Depression that President Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the National Recovery Act which was part of his New Deal promotion, meant to help pull American workers out of unsafe and unfair working conditions as well as to ensure workers were paid fair wages for their work. Later the NRA was considered unconstitutional, and therefore the labels were replaced with Consumers Protection labels. 

These pajamas not only perfectly represent what was going on politically during the era, but also exactly what many of us love about vintage clothing in general: the craftsmanship.

Vintage 1930s Silk Pajamas with NRA Label

Check out this old NRA promotion video made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer HERE!

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