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Daggers & Dames

Daggers & Dames

There was a time where dressing for the day was a form of art and ritual. Prior to putting on a day dress, it was an essential feat to first prepare your shape buy putting on your foundation wear. At the end of the day, you would slip into beautiful gowns and robes and sleep in style. There was an element of seduction to every piece you wore, even with the modesty of long gowns and white cotton. Vintage under garments and lounge wear is like an old creation of wearable art with true dedication to structure and detail which is a huge reason why it is still sought after today. 

Vintage underthings are still being adored for their functionality, yes, but also because of the way it makes one feel when they put them on. Like a darling starlet ready to take the world by the balls one hip swing at a time.  We feel strong in lingerie, and at the same time we can feel incredibly soft. We can feel like the fierce and fiery vixen Bettie Page, or we can feel like the glamorous, old Hollywood starlet Jean Harlow. Lingerie is the ultimate expression of femininity, and that is why we love it.

Daggers & Dames is a tribute to this love.

2018_02_20 14_07_07.jpg

 Everything from the lace detail to the overall structure of these 1920's trousseau tap pants inspired me. 

When hunting for vintage lingerie items and lounge wear, I am looking for something special. Something has to make me gasp, or say 'ooo' in order for me to consider adding it to my very special collection. I need to say to myself "there is someone our there that will adore you". I need to have that need to become fully drawn in to ponder the history of its existence. Often times I will find a silk chemise from the 1920's and wonder who might have owned it. What kind of life did the darling that owned this 1940's satin peignoir set from live? What did they look like? What did they do on Friday nights? Perhaps that is excessive... but it's my love. Its why I share it with the world, and it's why I am now choosing to write about it. 



Owner, xoDaggersandDames


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